My site was offline for an hour or less, and I submitted a ticket. 
The site was restored, and Parcom/DreamersI said:
"I am working on moving your website to a newer server in hopes of 
clearing up this issue. Your website should not experience any issues 
during this process as I am actively monitoring the transfer and domain in process." 
I didn't respond, but it sounded like a good idea.

Received an email from Parcom/DreamersI saying that they have moved my site to a new server, 
and here's my new credentials. I was a little confused about why I needed new credentials. 
They never asked if it was okay to move my site and shift all my permissions - 
they just said they were moving it to another server. I tried the new credentials 
and could log in to the new cPanel but not to the database. I could log in to my 
old cPanel and get to my database that way. 

I tried to log in to my FTP site but was denied. Parcom/DreamersI confirmed that they couldn't either. 
It wasn't sufficiently fixed, but some days later, I was able to log in again. 
The cPanel on the new server had no database option (no phpMyAdmin) or any other - 
but the phpMyAdmin still worked from the old cPanel. The site was still working, 
but I couldn't get to my files via FTP.

2018-10-29 - Down Day 1
On Monday, my SSL certificate failed to work. All browsers now flagged my site as 
not secure or misconfigured and not to be trusted. Parcom/DreamersI apologized and said, 
"I believe that they are working on it, and they will do by today." 
Near 5pm, I asked again. Parcom: "We are working on it, and it should be solved shortly."

2018-10-30 - Down Day 2
Tuesday. "The server team is still working on your issue... unfortunately it doesn't 
look like it is going to be finished today."

2018-10-31 - Down Day 3
Wednesday. I submitted another ticket because the old cPanel said it "couldn't find" my domain. 
Parcom/DreamersI said it was because everything was moved to a new cPanel. While I was able 
to log in to the new cPanel, there were no database tools and no way to back up my database. 
I had to use the old cPanel for that. I still was unable to FTP into the new server.

After three days, Parcom/DreamersI found that "It would appear as though your SSL has expired 
and needs to be renewed." Please buy a $250 replacement. I sent them the current status 
of my certificate from cPanel, which indicated that the certificate expires at the end of 
December, 2018 - almost two months away. Parcom: "I do see the certificate that expired 
at the end of December of this year, I am attempting to install that certificate instead."
I decided to look for a new provider, while still hoping the site to be fixed. 
I requested my EPP code, still not committing to leave Parom but preparing for it.

2018-11-01 - Down Day 4
Thursday. I was finally able to FTP into the "new" server and download all my files. 
I had resolved to find a new host but still wanted my site back and running. 
Parcom: "The email containing your EPP code has been sent."

2018-11-02 - Down Day 5
Friday. I placed an order with a new web host in the afternoon. 

2018-11-05 - Down Day 8
Monday. I contacted both hosts to find the status of the domain. The new host said that 
it was locked by Parcom/DreamersI. I asked Parcom/DreamersI to unlock it, which they did. 
An automated email was sent that said it would be five days before any transfer would begin. 
It would have been helpful if Parcom/DreamersI had not locked my domain or at least told me 
that it was locked, causing days of delay.

2018-11-08 - Down Day 11
Thursday. I asked Parcom/DreamersI if they could do something to expedite the process 
so I wouldn't have to wait. Parcom: "The process is out of our hands." 
Apparently, the transfer is completed by a third party. 

2018-11-12 - Down Day 15
Monday. The transfer was initiated, and throughout the day, I my domain sometimes resolved to my new host. 
By evening, my domain reverted to resolving to the old host with the SSL error.

2018-11-12 - Down Day 16
I contacted the new host to ask why my domain wasn't resolving to their servers. They said it 
can take 24 hours - but it had almost been 24 hours. In the afternoon, the 24 hours had clearly passed, 
and the domain now resolves 100 percent to the old, wrong, broken site. I ran "ipconfig /flushdns"
which appeared to work on one remote PC but not on my local. 

It took two weeks from when my site was down to bring it back up - the first week was spent trying 
to get Parcom/DreamersI to fix it; the second week was waiting for my domain to be released.

Although I have access to clear my local DNS on my personal PCs and router, there seems to be a DNS cache in
my work router that prevents the domain from resolving to the new host. It took a total of 50 hours for the
DNS to resolve correctly from all locations.  

Fortunately, this isn't a commercial site, so I'm not losing any money on it, but if it were, this would be a 
problem for customers trying to navigate to my domain but being shuffled off to the wrong IP, due to their own
DNS caching.